The goal of POLY AI?

POLY AI was made with the purpose of attracting investments, in order to serve the AI developing project.

Where does POLY AI come from?

POLY AI came from Canada, as now the communities of the coin has developed on over 60 countries and still growing.

AI’s strategy?

The price at the beginning of the ICO phase is $1.
At the lending phase, 1 AI coin was $3, then was sold on international markets with price of $5
December 2017, 1 AI will be $15 (according to coinmarketcap)
In 2018, AI coin’s price will grow from $20 to $120.

Is AI the token of Ethereum?

AI is the token made based on the platform of Ethereum (ERC 20 token). You can search for AI’s smart contract on ethplorer.io

What is the total amount of AI ?

29,000,000 coins.


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